Sup? Looking? Party? A Guide to Gay Software Terminology

It actually was difficult sufficient to sum a man outside in that old days, when you truly came across in person over a beer and got to chat before a roll inside the ho?c la. That is even more complicated within our digital business, that pulled gay folks away bars to blow their unique nights home texting on hookup apps in order to come across “The One” or “The One today.”

Now how do you translate the gay app vocabulary? Actually, it’s apparent from a freshly released report on the most famous applications that “sup?” is definitely a great deal breaker, even though it is only a far more productive way of asking “what’s up?” Most folks article within their kinds people won’t answer that search, although our very own customer suspects that the majority of of those will forgive a “sup?” book if this is inspired by men whoever picture demonstrates a well-defined couple of stomach and a muscular chest.

More standard content are accessible to presentation. We’ve used the liberty to accurate incredibly enjoyable and helpful one from a Scruff cellphone owner whose identity we are going to always keep private.

Here’s his own adopt the undetectable symbolism behind typical chat on homosexual applications:

Thanks a lot = Move Forward.

Thx = advance quickly. ?? = can not also give you a keyword he’s thus annoyed and disengaged.

?? = As first feedback, this is often a respectful dismissal. Chat more.

Hey good looking = beneficial wedding. Possibly angling outside his or her concept.

Marry myself! = Lesbian. Excersice.

lol (lower case) = courteous entertainment, questionable wedding. LOL (all limits) = Engaged, move forward with caution. Perhaps false passion. You may well be witty although beautiful.

What’s all the way up? = start with photograph or choice query.

Into = you best getting a leading.

Leading or bottom part = see above.

Considerably photographs? = People have one close photograph. You should convey more with this decades.

Searching? = Pretty obvious they put it in such a thing or put stuck by everything.

You gathering? = Unless you’re into a wild-eyed, jelly-d*cked uber orifice just who seems to be like Gollum in a jock wear a ball hat, continue moving.

Generous? = you will be outdated and suspected to buy intercourse. Prevent immediately and discover more youthful looking photo.

For everyone looking reveal resource, check out all of our explanations of popular language for homosexual applications here.

Gay Software Chat

Here’s an index of the variety of jargon used by homosexual application people as well as their particular definitions.

[+] = HIV Beneficial.

+/-= Looking For HIV Pos/Neg

DDF = Medicine and Infection Complimentary

Appearing = searching for a hookup.

What’re you into? / What do you want? = What’s their erectile liking (top/bottom/vers/other) and what is it we generally decide from a hookup?

Really Clean = HIV Negative. [WEHOville doesn’t promote the dichotomy of “dirty/clean” to spell out HIV reputation. Most of us do encourage learning the standing of one’s sex-related lovers]

Masc= Masculine, “straight-acting,” a guy’s man.

Femme / Fems = Guys with elegant feature, a “queen.”

Discreet / DL= throughout the “down reasonable,” not “out” or comfortable with broadcasting their particular sex. Usually won’t submit face images to keep personality individual.

Catfish = customers that aren’t precisely what their own page and pics claim they’re. Comes from the movie, “Catfish.”

Host = may have group more. “You hold” means they’ll simply come your way. Use it in a sentence: “I can’t host, i’ve a roommate.”

Event = Into tablets.

Figures= Having a filled out profile for ones account (height, years, partnership level, needs).

Neg4Neg= HIV unwanted, searching for HIV adverse boys.

No Agenda= Not selecting something certain. Prepared for having a good time, acquiring buddies, chattering, a relationship, etc. Whatever happens.

Non-scene = Not just to the “WeHo” field. does not like homosexual bars, gay bars, refugee camp words, short shorts, etc. In addition not just into having appearance.

NSA= “No Chain Fixed.” Certainly not contemplating a relationship or getting to know one. Work with it in a sentence: “Looking for NSA fun.”

Musc= Muscled, in shape.

Protected = Into secure exciting only (condoms, safeguards, etc.).

420 warm= wants to smoking marijuana. If you’ve got some, would definitely register a person.

A thing we all skipped? Document any terminology you are sure that within the comments below.