Spanish great Court confirms Stamp obligation immunity of Novation of real estate loan

Spanish Supreme legal judgment of 26 January 2020 confirms stamp responsibility exemption of adaptations with the interest rate and/or toward the phrase of mortgage-secured finance and credits.

Stamp Job Taxation of Mortgage Loan

Under Spanish income tax guidelines, notarial papers where a novation of financial loans (which had been offered and also to loan establishments pursuant to many conclusion from the Spanish superior courtroom) attached by a home loan (« home mortgages ») is definitely effected, are usually impacted by stamp obligation. This tax are triggered upon the execution of public actions (escrituras publicas and actas notariales), which target (times) is made of a quantity or an invaluable product, and (y) means act which can be effective at getting registered with a Public record (for example Land Registry), regardless of whether these are typically eventually authorized or perhaps not and at the mercy of additional taxes (shift income tax, taxation on business business or surprise and heritage tax).

Spanish stamp job mileage from 0.5per cent to 1.5%, based on the Spanish part the spot where the relevant parcel is based, that is levied upon the amount of the responsibilities secure by the mortgage loan (usually regarded in Murcia as « maximum anchored liability »). Maximum protected obligation try calculated as a share customarily in the order of 130percent belonging to the amount you borrow (although that number is going to be agreed upon between lender and debtor on a case-by-case schedule) and involves major, fascination, later part of the transaction attention and cost.

However, under Spanish legislation, its own stamp responsibility immunity (foreseen in piece 9 of Spanish Act 2/1994, on subrogation and home loan novation) is obtainable for many amendments on the circumstances of mortgages stretched by assets financial institutions (the « Stamp Duty Exemption »). This Stamp responsibility Exemption is valid for the performance of community actions of novation of home loans that entail improvement into monthly interest rate and/or the term of the pertinent loan as conformed between lender and purchaser.

This Stamp responsibility immunity, which had been geared, since its creation, at facilitating the renegotiation of Mortgage Loans in a situation of declining rates of interest, is very controversial during the last a very long time on the presentation and product. In connection with this, individuals while the Spanish income tax Administration have got suffered different opinions.

The Superior Legal Governing

Ahead of the Spanish Supreme the courtroom governed on 26 January 2020 (the « Ruling »), the Spanish tax authorities regarded as the Stamp job immunity relevant as long as main content of anyone action of novation am the modification within the monthly interest rate and/or associated with name belonging to the related mortgage that is,., the simple proven fact that some other variations or any brand new terms happened to be contained in the general public deed, as in application starts within any novation, may inevitably prejudice the available choices of the Stamp job Exemption-.

By using the Ruling, the Spanish superior courtroom overrode the understanding of the Spanish income tax government and clarified that:

first, novations of Mortgage Loans on rates and/or the definition thereof executed through notarial deeds qualify for the Stamp responsibility immunity, notwithstanding the belief that, as popular, anyone action of novation might contain some other adaptations or unique provision regulating the partnership between loan provider and borrower; and

furthermore, selecting out of the debatable concern available plus more home loan novations, in which this type of additional provision are present, it would be important to analyse, on a case-by-case schedule, if they meet with the requirements being reliant on stamp task (that is,. in essence that they relate to a quantity and even to an invaluable goods and they tend to be susceptible to registration) and, should stamp obligation be caused, if perhaps the Stamp task Exemption is applicable.

This secondly aim is moreover designed across the Ruling in the event it ruled how, right at the situation at hand, below specifications must be treated (in other words. whether or not they elicit stamp job, and, if so, if the Stamp task immunity applies to them):

contains a brand new compensation routine bundled: this causes stamp responsibility it is impacted by the Stamp obligation Exemption;

contains an arrangement not to ever carry out any even more drawdowns nor renew the current ones (thus, proclaiming that the quantity owed is the fact that 1 currently attracted): the judge realizes that it doesn’t imply any modification on the relevant real estate loan since these types of provision is just determining the outstanding level; and

ding assets acquiring, etc. The judge guidelines which simple presence top environment does not cause the stamp responsibility pointing out why these is specifications that will not just induce stamp responsibility if provided outside aside from anyone action novating the Mortgage Loan.

In any case please be aware that the brand new specifications within the agreement novating a home loan financing ought to be analysed on a case-by-case factor.

The judgment furthermore importantly states that if the novation is unquestionably which preexisting authorized union is held (« novacion little extintiva » under Spanish laws) -so the partnership is not at all extinguished and swapped for a fresh one (which would end up being a « novacion extintiva » under Spanish law)-, without adjustment to the finance alone are generated, the tax bottom in respect of the conditions belonging to the loan that aren’t reliant on the Stamp Duty Exemption may not be the full amount maximum held liability, as said from the Spanish income tax government but, fairly, the outcome of identifying on a clause-by-clause study, the particular useful information found in each non exempted condition -which may, but be hard to carry out in practice-.


Present day industry environment inside the real home plus the financial niche call for, more than ever before, apparent and versatile taxation and appropriate frameworks. Pursuant toward the Spanish great the courtroom ruling, the need to measure the economical worth of newer clauses (besides those amending interest and label) than taxing (once again) your whole valuation of the secured indebtedness definitely requires a more stamp duty welcoming platform. This would improve conclusion of refinancing of home mortgages.

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