Although Ron and Shego hardly ever really combat 1, they actually do read each other as opponents

Shego, much like Drakken, usually shouldn’t call Ron by his name, just calling your « the buddy »; it isn’t really crystal clear if it’s that this beav can not keep in mind his title, or if perhaps she merely does not worry. Nevertheless, Ron generally seems to be afraid Shego to a degree, and also it appears Shego doesn’t even work with your as a result his or her bumbling personality. Once Shego am transformed good-by the Attitudinator, Ron thought overlooked, when this chick and Kim fused as contacts, lead him to admit this individual missed the ancient Shego.


Ron presented arguably his or her greatest demonstration of monkey kung fu inside the struggle with Fukushima. For the episode, Fukushima taunted and humiliated Ron making reference to your as « Outsider » and continually attempted to bring him or her accident. Inside first situation in between them, Ron could keep their own in a staff sparring routine in between them. For the secondly, Fukushima’s blows consistently missed out on the evading Ron exactly who used his or her greatest stage perspective to take along Fukushima, getting and flinging your when he introduced himself at Ron and ultimately creating a slight disturbance together with his mystic Monkey capabilities to carry downward icicles and mistake Fukushima taunting your with « it had been my praise to defeat a person! »

Gil Moss

One of his true 2 primary enemies are his own child bully Gil Moss. Throughout their time at prison Wannaweep, Ron, fearful of the polluted liquids in sea Wannaweep, granted the intimidation Gil Moss getting his switch at swimming time in the body of water, while Ron got Gil’s crafts and arts sessions. The added opportunity Gil expended when you look at the body of water brought about him transforming into a hideous sea monster, Gill. Ron provides battled Gill 2 times, once by yourself as soon as with some help from Kim, each finishing with Ron victorious. The next continuous a sequence managing fun of Ron getting converted or transformed, however being mutated by a toxic lagoon off water Wannaweep into a big man-beaver. While Monkey Fist has many tiny grudging regard for Ron, Gill has only disrespect and hatred, writing about him or her dismissively as « Ronnie » or « squeeb ». Although Monkey Fist is actually credit as his or her arch-foe, Gill would be the sole villain who’s a need to see payback on Ron.

SeA±or elder Jr.

While barely an essential villain from inside the collection in general, Jr. and Ron have become into actual encounters on more than one event. Mainly, these look offs are about slight issues, like tresses combs or car places. Nevertheless, despite are hence well-built, Jr. is just one foe that Ron features remarkably been shown to be a physical complement for, also without Ron’s Mystical Monkey electrical assisting him or her. But zero of the « battles » posses ever resulted in a definite success, mainly as their disputes have got ended up being trim close by third parties.

Warhok and Warmonga

Probably, the two of these can be viewed as arch-foes of Ron’s as soon as they boost the risk for critical blunder of intimidating Kim’s existence in the existence. Noticing that he’s going to lose the most important people as part of his lifestyle, and helped by Sensei’s support through a vision, Ron taps into their magical Monkey abilities to consider the aliens. Now he has got complete command over his own powers and it’s taken unbeatable. In the long run, this individual tosses the two main within their crashing spaceship, creating a giant blast that presumably wrecks these people, although that was unconfirmed. This is also the next amount of time in the program after Monkey Fist that an enemy appears to have been destroyed by a principal individual.