21+ activities in Columbus, Ga you are going to enjoy (with plenty of Freebies!)

Springtime and Fall Concert Television Series in Uptown Columbus


Have fun and relish the live songs on springtime and Fall season show collection in Uptown Columbus.

Families tend to be bid to bring their lawn seats and bedding, relax (or stand up and dancing!) on the 1000 block of Broadway from 7 p.m. a€“ 10 p.m. on tuesday days. The concerts often operated for 6 months each year.

Columbus RiverWalk GeoTour

Ever been geocaching? Ita€™s an outdoor venture match a€” just like a treasure quest a€” used a GPS system. Youa€™re basically finding invisible containers.

Columbus enjoys hopped onboard, and will be offering an exciting technique to search the RiverWalk a€” using Columbus RiverWalk GeoTour.

Youa€™ll find 5-6 caches in each type like hike, the dams, the attractions, the mills, the stream along with whitewater. Bring their done Grid Sheet to the Columbus conference & Visitors Bureau during normal many hours to acquire the customized GeoTour enjoying card or geo-coin.

The Island

The most popular place following the RiverWalk was actually a€?The Island.a€? Ita€™s the best areas to look at users rafting! Youa€™ll discover it immediately underneath the Eagle and Phenix residence structure.

The Island are open every day from 9am a€“ 8pm, depending on the conditions. You can also sprinkle in the water here, merely push a life vest.

Columbus Museum

The Columbus Museum considered most extensive museums within the Southeast as well as distinct due to its dual concentration on North american benefits and territorial record, showed both in the long-lasting collection and even short-lived events. The good thing? Admission to Columbus Art Gallery is free of charge.

Further TOTALLY FREE programming of mention in this article:

Secondly Saturdays. Free-Family applications that include any such thing from practical artistry starting because of the teenagers, scavenger hunts and history moment ( 10:00am-12:00pm) .

Teen 3rd Sundays. Free-Special visitor performers communicate with kids concerning their performs then they discover become involved in art-making activities employing the musician ( 2:00-4:00pm) .

Total Trip Event. The gross Fall season event will take an appearance back in time to browse past many decades! Become practical at five various exercise stations having marble making, photograph tinting, hidden liquid, and.

The art gallery produces family-friendly game titles, unique scavenger hunts, and history your time in the plan. Children may get involved in a costume contest for an adjustment to acquire prizes.

History Area

Established in 1988 as a sensational connection within the Columbus historical area, the history Corner has five protected houses representing various eras of Georgia records.

Especially could be the Pemberton residence, as the home of regional pharmacist Dr. John Pemberton. Since we discussed earlier, he could be known today because the inventor of these really northern mix, Coca-Cola.

You will find the house within the pavement free of charge, but directed tours are also available for a small costs.

Ancient Linwood Cemetery

Visit the stunning traditional Linwood Cemetery to find the graves of such notables as Dr. John S. Pemberton, H. Augusta Howard, and Noble Leslie DeVotie.

Pemberton, as aforementioned, was actually a pharmacist who had been injured over the last area fight associated with city War in Columbus. Pemberton would go on to concoct the secrets formula to Coca Cola.

H. Augusta Howard: given that the girl that launched Georgiaa€™s people Suffrage connection, Howarda€™s headstone happens to be emblazoned because of the text a€?Martyr.a€?

Noble Leslie DeVotie: A Baptist minister and newsprint publisher, DeVotie is considered the founders of this Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, 1st national fraternity getting forged in the vibrant South.